About Us
Hardware, software and so much more.

NVL2Our business is taking care of your business. We work with each individual and company to find hardware and software solutions that meet their needs, environment and budget. Whichever industry you’re in, we’ve been there before. Our clients range from top-tier law firms to manufacturing plants and community outreach centers with user bases anywhere from 5 to 500.

Every product we sell is a product we know. Tested in the field by expert technicians, we know every detail of what we sell and often use the very same items in our own office and homes. We’ve developed partnerships with those manufacturers we know will deliver top-quality hardware and software that we can confidently recommend to our clients. The latest HP or Dell servers, high-powered Lenovo ultrabooks, rock-solid Cisco firewalls: we’ve got anything and everything you need and at a price you won’t find anywhere else.

Need professional installation and integration with your existing environment? We do that too.

Our staff can work with what you have or simply create something better. Wiring, phone systems, audio-visual setups and surveillance systems are all available services at NVL.

Give us a call and we’ll start making your business better today.